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In Pictures: Drone photography: on top of the world

Jaw-dropping pictures taken from drones capture extraordinary views that the human eye may otherwise not see.
Man hangs from a cliff
Awe-inspiring photograph of a rock climber scaling a cliff in Moab, Utah.
Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi at sunset immersed in fog

FRANCESCO CATTUTOSwathed in fog, the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Umbria, Italy, looks beautiful as the setting sun bathes its towers in light.

Lots of white sheep against green grass

SZABOLCS IGNACZClusters of white sheep are seen scattered over the vibrant grass of Romanian fields.

A line of camels walk through the desert

TODD KENNEDYLong shadows are cast as a caravan of camels walks along Cable Beach, West Australia, at sunset.

An impressive aerial view above an erupting volcano on Reunion Island

JONATHAN PAYETAppearing through the steam and gas is an impressive aerial view of an erupting volcano on Reunion Island.

Summer camp in Gran Canaria on the finest playa de Amadores.

KAROLIS JANULISRhythmic patterns of umbrellas and beds during summer on the Playa de Amadores in Gran Canaria.

A couple hold hands surrounded by palm trees

HELENE HAVARDSurrounded by moving palm trees, a couple lie together in a clearing on Huahine island, French Polynesia.

Ushiku Daibutsu statue

CLIECHTIThe huge bronze Ushiku Daibutsu statue looks out over the verdant landscape of the Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

A bird flies over an island

ACTUA DRONEBy chance, a drone catches a bird mid-flight over the paradise of French Polynesian beaches.

An aerial shot of a winding road and autumnal trees

CALIN-ANDREI STANSighisoara, Transylvania, is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – otherwise known as Dracula – and this shot imagines what he might have seen on his nocturnal flights.

Patterned pavements contrast with green palm trees

ULYSSES PADILHAShaded by palm trees, pedestrians make their way along the striking graphic pavements of Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro.

An aerial view of a beach

DRON EXPERTThe low sun creates long shadows, and impressive patterns, across the ridges of the sand on this Polish beach.

Niagara Falls

RYAN JONESWater thunders downwards as the drone hovers over Niagara Falls.

A famer bends over in a field of chillies

AUROBIRDThis farmer in Guntur, India, is a lone white dot in a sea of bright red chillies.

A triangle of skiers from above

MAKSIM TARASOVA formation of skiers on a frozen hillside of the Adzhigardak mountain, Russia.

Sunset in Vernazaa

J COURTIALAn idyllic view of the brightly-coloured buildings of the Italian seaside town of Vernazza.

All photographs published by Dronestagram.

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