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Artist uses make-up to show how smoking effects your face

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk)  We all know that smoking can lead to a variety of complications in the body. It dangerously affects your entire body parts and increases the risk of variety of problems.Smoking takes a big toll on your appearance, it can make you look older with lots of skin problems. A famous Make-up artist from India, Fatiha Tayyeba showed how her face would look like if she smoked cigarettes.

Makeup smoking

This is how non-smoker looks. They have bright skin tone with almost no puffiness on the face.

Smoking face

One year of smoking can give you this face. Notice the appearance of fine lines.

smoking face

Add 10 years of smoking to the same face. The youth is dying, giving way to dark spots, cracked lips and pigmentation.

smoking face

One, who has been smoking for 20 years, will have the face like that. The lips are darker, the pigmentation spots appear on the face.

Smoking image

This will be the face of someone who smoked all of her life.The aim of this, is to give a message that smoking not only plays hovoc to the inside your body but wrecks your body from the outside as well.

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