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Capital admin extends bans on various activities for another two months

ISLAMABAD: The capital administration has extended bans on several activities for another two months.

The ban on launching housing societies and related activities has been extended, administration officials said.

According to a notification, the ban was imposed after it was brought to the notice of the district magistrate that some housing societies, trusts, limited companies and groups were operating in Islamabad in a manner not warranted by the law relating thereto.

It said they advertised the launch of housing schemes and invited membership either in excess of land available to them or without holding any land at all. This results in exposition, fraud, forgery, disputes, offences, law and order problems and litigation.

The administration has banned any publications regarding the launch of housing schemes or the sale of plots, inviting applications to deposit membership fees or the cost of plots without prior permission from the office of the district magistrate.

The distribution of handbills and pamphlets, putting up posters and wall-chalking has also been banned for another two months to maintain law and order, officials said.

Loudspeakers, amplifiers and sound systems are also banned except when used for the Azaan or Friday sermons. Cassette players, sound systems, CD or DVD players and other mediums used to make objectionable or sectarian speeches anywhere in the capital are also banned.

Assemblies and processions are also banned, officials said, as the administration has learned of plans to organise unlawful assemblies including processions that could disrupt the peace.

They said such activities were likely to threaten public peace, cause public annoyance or injury, endanger human life and safety, pose a threat to public property and could lead to a riot.

The sale, purchase, stocking and use of firecrackers and fireworks will also remained banned for another two months, as will displaying and exhibiting firearms as a show of force.

The ban on blasting stones in the Margalla Hill has also been banned for another two months.

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