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Annual Intelligence Report: ’Israel’ Cannot Mess with Hezbollah

TEL AVIV: The annual report of the Zionist intelligence drew a number of foggy and pessimistic conclusions regarding the strategic security of the occupation entity in 2020. The report stressed Hezbollah is a force that cannot be messed with due to its permanent readiness for war, adding that the group …

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Katyusha rockets target Taji military base housing US forces

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi military says Katyusha rockets have hit an airbase north of the capital Baghdad, which houses the US-led coalition forces that purportedly fight Daesh Takfiri terrorists. The statement from Iraq’s military on Tuesday said Camp Taji had been targeted by Katyusha rockets but reported that there were no …

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Netanyahu drops clanger, calls Israel ‘nuclear power’

TEL AVIV: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, in an apparent stumble, called the occupying entity a “nuclear power” before correcting himself with a bashful nod and an embarrassed smile. Netanyahu made the terrible blunder in a cabinet meeting on Sunday, while reading Hebrew notes on a deal with Greece …

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Netanyahu to ask parliament for immunity from corruption charges

TEL AVIV: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he would approach the regime’s parliament in order to seek immunity from corruption charges, in a move that could considerably delay criminal proceedings against him. “… I intend to approach the speaker of the Knesset in accordance with chapter 4C of the …

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Netanyahu says Arab states to normalize ties with Israel soon

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will soon have normal ties and formal peace agreements with a number of Arab countries. “I intend in the coming years to conclude normalization and peace agreements with a number of Arab countries,” he said Sunday night, recalling in particular his trip to Oman, …

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Iran is Mossad’s top priority: Spy agency chief

TEL AVIV: The Israeli spy agency, Mossad, says that Iran is its number one priority, citing Tehran’s nuclear and missile defense programs. Addressing agents, the spy agency’s chief Yossi Cohen said the Islamic Republic is “at the top of the Mossad’s work priorities.” “All Iranian nuclear, long-range missile and precision …

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