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Cleric says strategy of unity, tops agenda of Muslim World

TEHRAN: Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought said on Thursday that the strategy of unity is top on agenda of the Muslim World, whereas Takfiri philosophy is doomed to failure.

Ayatollah Mohsen Araki made the remarks at the opening ceremony on the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference started work in Tehran on Thursday morning with participation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and over 350 elites and figures from 93 world countries.

Today, the Resistance front in the region is stronger than any other time, he said.

Talking of the Islamic issues, Ayatollah Araki called on the Muslims to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque as the enemies have hatched plots against this holy place.

He further urged all Muslims around the world to get more united in order to thwart the Deal of the Century.

Deal of the Century is a so-called US initiative to replace two-state solution for the conflict between Palestinian people and Tel Aviv occupying forces.

Establishment of State of Palestine with Holy Qods as its capital has been envisaged by Madrid peace plan and the numerous United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

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