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Home / World / Afghanistan / Father of crazed Orlando killer is ‘Taliban supporter running to become Afghan president’

Father of crazed Orlando killer is ‘Taliban supporter running to become Afghan president’




Seddique Mateen is an Afghan national who fantasises about becoming the war-torn country’s president in warped online videos.

A string of deranged internet clips appear to show Seddique urging his “warrior brothers in the Taliban movement” to “rise up”.

Seddique, who claims to be running for the Afghan presidency, hosts the Durand Jirga Show – an online channel dedicated to hour long ramblings about Middle Eastern politics.

Posts include topics such as “Rise Afghan people against Pakistan” and “Intelligent service and Military of Pakistan, real Enemy of the USA”.

In one clip, he holds up a sign that reads: “ISI Pakistan and Military is Destroying 14 years of US work in Afghanistan to cut AID to killers.”

Another video shows Seddique dressed in military uniform, pretending to be the president of Afghanistan and ordering the arrest of several high profile Afghan figures.

He states: “I order national army, national police and intelligence department to immediately imprison Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, Zalmay Khalilzad, Atmar, and Sayyaf.

“They are against our countrymen, and against our homeland.”

The Pulse terrorist’s father seems incoherent at times, rapidly switching between languages and topics in an erratic fashion.

In march, Seddique founded a business called Provisional Government of Afghanistan, Corporation, which is registered at his home address in Florida.

The most recent video on the elder Mateen’s YouTube channel shows him declaring his candidacy for the Afghan presidency, dated May 24, 2015.

Police are currently searching Seddique’s $221,000 home, located on the same road as his son’s residence.

He is understood to have no criminal record other than a speeding ticket he was issued with in 2006.

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