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Five ways to find out if milk is adulterated

ISLAMABAD (Web DesK) It is common practice for milk vendors as well as companies selling packaged milk to add water – even starch, detergent and urea for thickening purposes in some cases – to milk. According to a Times of India report, there are five ways that you can find out if the milk you are using is adulterated:

1. Synthetic milk can easily be identified by bad taste and odour. All you have to do is sniff! If you can sense a soapy odour and if it feels soapy when rubbed with fingers, the milk has been made by mixing chemicals.

2. Pure milk is naturally sweet. If the milk in your fridge tastes bitter or sour, it is either stale or has possibly been adulterated with detergent and soda.

3. Water in milk may not be bad for your health but definitely for your pocket. All you need to do is to let it flow. Put a drop of milk on any slanted surface and let it flow down. If the milk leaves a trail behind, it’s not pure.

4. If you buy milk from a local vendor, then there are chances that your local doodh vala [milk vendor] might end up adding starch in the milk! To check the same, just add 2 tablespoons of salt to 5ml of milk. If the mixture turns blue, the milk is adulterated.

5. One of the most common forms of adulteration is with urea since it doesn’t change the taste and is difficult to detect. Urea is dangerous. Mix half tablespoon of milk and soya bean powder together and shake well. Dip a litmus paper for few seconds and if there is a color change from red to blue, it means the milk has urea.

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