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Highly Flawed U.S. Intelligence Report on Russia Released


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released the long-awaited unclassified version of its report allegedly proving Russian interference in the U.S. elections. The media in the United States have run with this story as the final confirmation that Russia deliberately interfered in the presidential elections with the …

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Trump Team Targets Iran


Saudi Arabia dominates above all other nations as a supplier of suicide bombers, and its royal family dominates as the world’s top financial backer of Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups, but incoming President Donald Trump has chosen to lead his national-security team, only people who blame Iran and not …

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Six Reasons Why West Never Attacked Syria


Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, many Western analysts and experts came up with the idea that the domestic unrest in the country by itself could not topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Such a conclusion pushed them to demand an international intervention, led by the US, to …

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26,171 Bombs and Counting: A Bloody End To Obama’s Rein of Terror


President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 on a platform to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison and end America’s endless wars. The problem is, he failed on every one of these measures. In addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, the “reluctant warrior” and Noble Peace Prize winner expanded Bush’s “War on …

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ISIS’ Last Card in Battle


The international law calls on the warring sides of any conflict to discriminate between the civilians and the military, as well as between the civilian and military sites. It, at the same time, highlights the need for protection of the civilians against any hostile measures, including purposely and direct assaults …

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The internet, can be a dangerous place for women

IT was winter break at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The campus was largely empty, devoid of the usual students going to and from class. The women’s hostel, where female students who do not have family in town stay during the school year, was also largely empty. It was here …

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Bright future ahead of Iran-Iraq relations


The Islamic Republic of Iran as the effective country in the region has always announced that it would spare no efforts to help the Iraqi government and people restore stability and security in the war-stricken country. Tehran also believes that the stellar relations between Iran and Iraq must serve as …

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The Saudi temptation


THERE has, as yet, not been any denial of Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s mumbled comments during a TV interview last week about retired Gen Raheel Sharif being appointed the chief of a Saudi-led military alliance. Considering that clear articulation has never been his strong point, one may take the minister’s …

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