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5 legendary wrestlers and how they look now


KARACHI: (WebDesk) Pro wrestlers are expected to look a certain way. The standard muscular look was necessary to be considered a top player, especially back in the 90s. This led them to use steroids and other drugs to maintain a heroic physique, besides going to the gym. Apart from that, the …

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Study shows the way stress may harm your heart

PARIS: (Web Desk) Scientists said Thursday they may have uncovered a biological explanation for the long suspected link between stress and heart disease. People with a highly active amygdala — a region of the brain involved in stress processing — also have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, …

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Eating peanuts early could prevent allergy in infants


WASHINGTON: (Web Desk) US health authorities recommended Thursday feeding infants foods containing peanuts as a way to prevent an allergy to them. The guidelines were issued by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on the basis of a clinical study sponsored by the same organization. The study …

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Secret ingredient between wafers of a Kit Kat


IBLAGH: (Web Desk) Most of us love chocolates like anything, and can’t succumb to temptation of having them. But sometimes, the ingredients being used in chocolate making can be quite interesting to know about. KitKats is one of big names that define the love of chocolate. Light, crunchy, chocolatey, wafery… …

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Pindi’s 50-year-old weekly book bazaar closed down


RAWALPINDI: (Web Desk) The traffic police have stopped vendors from selling books in Saddar, bringing a 50 year old book bazaar that took over the area’s pavements every Sunday to an end. Vendors have been coming to Bank Road in Saddar every Sunday, where they arrange stalls on the sides …

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Colour me halal


MM Makeup, Odho Cosmetics and Luscious Cosmetics are three of the local ‘halal’ makeup options for consumers. The beauty products industry in Pakistan is estimated to be worth 80 billion rupees; some believe it is closer to 150 billion rupees and according to those who feel the informal sector should …

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This is how world currencies got their names


All of us are well aware of our currencies and the name we refer it with. But have you ever thought about origins of the currency names? Well, they have some interesting and informative background that everyone should know. Recently a blog posted on Oxford Dictionaries website showed that many …

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3 easy recipes to make your New Year’s parties a breeze


Who says entertaining people for New Year’s takes a lot of work? These easy recipes are great for bringing in 2017 with your friends and family. Funfetti Cookies These easy recipes are great for bringing in 2017 with your friends and family. Nothing says ‘celebration’ like rainbow sprinkles! These simple …

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Know your nutrition: Do you get enough of these nutrients every day?


It’s been repeated countless times now, and almost everyone is aware of the phrase “consuming a balanced diet is very important for health” or something along those lines. But how many times have you heard the exact elements of this so-called ‘balanced diet’? Apparently, not enough times as most people …

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