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International Organizations, Humanitarian Mission Role Absent in Yemen

A clear absence of the assumed role of humanitarian organizations in Yemen, led by international organizations, despite the presence of these organizations and the multiplicity of their programs, reports, and their holding of international donor conferences aimed at alleviating the human suffering of the Yemenis. There is no positive reflection of these organizations in reality. It is confirmed by the relevant authorities in Sana’a, who have accused them Recently, of failure to fulfill their mission and uncover corruption files, tampering with aid and suspicious roles within these international bodies.

The Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen explains that the organizations have continued to tamper with donor funds during the past years. It released the figures reported by some organizations in their reports on the amount of spending on humanitarian work in Yemen. Many of the medicines and food provided by these organizations reach expired. They also carry out suspicious and illegal activities inside Yemeni cities, including the payment of funds to personalities to cooperate with them in intelligence activities. Some of which aim to destabilize the internal front against the aggression against the country.

The corruption of international organizations goes beyond financial and administrative corruption, corruption in planning and tampering with aid to political corruption, according to conversations by officials in Sana’a.

Officials in Sana’a demanded donors to form a joint committee to investigate the funds provided by donor countries. The officials are ready to provide needed help for organizations providing that they adhere to the laws and sovereignty of the country. Officials also demanded that budgets to be spent in more effective ways. So that activities of these organizations benefit the community and alleviate its suffering of the people.

Critics of the role of humanitarian organizations summarize the failure of their work in several aspects, including the frequency of aid, its concentration in one region and not the other and the lack of prioritization of aid according to realistic field surveys of the humanitarian situation. They also listed the absurdity of spending on educational aspects, formalities and media propaganda without attention to the actual needs of the targets and the failure to direct aid to build an infrastructure. No projects are directed at sustainable and rehabilitating of youth and women and supporting the employment of the workforce.

According to all data gathered, it appears that the international organizations concerned with humanitarian work in Yemen are trading in the suffering of the people without actual mitigation of this suffering. Rather, the matter has reached the point of neglecting the lives of the target groups through monitoring hundreds of tons of food and medicinal materials that are corrupt and unfit for human use.

In addition to this, the financial corruption that involves employing workers who do not have the required professional competence and spending millions of dollars on fake activities and jobs. This represents the tip of the many aspects that have caused these organizations to be distracted from the assumption of the assumed humanitarian mission, so that the suffering of the Yemeni people is multiplied by this international tampering known for its complicity and silence towards All crimes and violations against the Yemenis by an ongoing coalition in its aggression and siege.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions, viewpoints and editorial policies of Iblagh News.

Source: Almasirah Media Network

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