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Iranian group reveals details about explosion at nuclear facility

Tehran: The Andeshah Sazan Institute for Strategic Studies in Iran has revealed the results of ongoing investigations into the incident at the Natanz nuclear facility.

“The ongoing investigations in the incident that occurred at the Natanz facility confirm the absence of any air attack from outside the country and across the Iranian border,” the institute’s president, Saadallah Zaraei, said in an interview with the Iran’s Al-Alam TV.

“The explosion occurred from inside the facility either because of a cyber attack or a sabotage action,” Zaraei said.

Regarding an Israeli role in the blast inside the Natanz facility, the Iranian official stressed that “the Israeli entity wants to fish in troubled waters and record for itself what it dreams to achieve.”

The spokesman for Iran’s National Nuclear Energy Organization, Bahruz Kamalundi, announced last Sunday new details about the Natanz nuclear reactor.

He said that his country is in the process of taking the necessary decisions to rebuild the gable, which was damaged in the Martyr Ahmadi Roshan complex at the Natanz nuclear site.

Kamalundi confirmed that it was decided to create a larger truss with more advanced equipment in this complex, noting that the incident that took place at the omplex in Natanz did not cause loss of life, while the material losses were severe.

On Tuesday, the Iranian government confirmed that “Tehran will respond appropriately , if it is proven that the accident at the Natanz nuclear facility last week was caused by an external force.”

“The final reports of the Iranian National Security Council should be awaited, but in case the reports show external influence, we will respond appropriately,” Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said, according to IRNA.

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