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ISIL’s Dead-Spokesman behind Assassination of over 1,800 People


DAMASCUS: (Iblagh Desk)- A Syrian ex-officer disclosed that Abu Mohammad al-Adnani had been the mastermind of many bomb attacks against innocent people in different countries.
“Al-Adnani played the key role in several terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Bangladesh, explosion of the Russian planes over Egypt and Ankara suicide attacks,” Brigadier General Mar’ei Hamdan said.

“Frankly speaking, Al-Adnani was not a simple spokesmen for the ISIL. He had worked with Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, so his death was a great strike on the Takfiri group,” he further added.

“Al-Adnani, with planning too many terrorist attacks and participation in some of them actually killed over 1,800 people and wounded over 4,000 others,” the brigadier general went on to say.

“He also was one the main coordinators of ISIL’s military operations in Syria and Iraq,” He added.

Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the killing of al-Adnani was the result of an airstrike conducted by a Russian bomber.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the airstrikes conducted by the country’s bombers in Aleppo killed around 40 members of the ISIL at the time.

“Among the killed terrorists confirmed through multiple intelligence channels was Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, better known as official media spokesman of the ISIL international terrorist group,” the ministry said in a statement.

Death of al-Adnani in Aleppo province was earlier confirmed by the ISIL as the ISIL-affiliated Amaq news agency disclosed that the group’s spokesperson was killed in Syria, but it did not mention who was responsible for his killing or whether he was killed in an airstrike or in a ground attack.

Al-Adnani in a video in 2014 affirmed his allegiance to Leader of the ISIL Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He was appointed by al-Baghdadi as ISILI’s spokesman last year.

Al-Adnani had a $5 million US Department of State bounty on his head – the second biggest for any ISIL official after the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Known for his aggressive, florid speaking style, al-Adnani sought to inspire recruits and lone wolf attackers in the West, and his calls to arms were often cited by ISIL adepts.

Western media also reported that he was the head of a special intelligence unit, responsible for planning complex terrorist attacks in Europe.

It was likely another major blow to the ISIL after the Takfiri terrorists lost their top military commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, known as Omar the Chechen, earlier this summer.

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