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ISIS terrorists calls on supporters in Europe to kill Christians in Ramadan

EU: (Web Desk) ISIS terrorist group has urged its supports in Europe to launch attacks against Christians in the holy month of Ramadan that is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting.

Referring to Christian civilians as “crusaders” the terrorist group told its supporters via its social media wing that killing these people will benefit them during the month of Ramadan. According to Islamic traditions doing good works in Ramadan are more valuable than other months.

The terrorist group encouraged its supporters to carry out attacks against Christian civilians using vehicles, guns, or knives.

ISIS terrorist group is a Takfiri organization that accuses others Muslims or adherent of other faiths of apostasy. Takfiris believe that one who deliberately kills himself whilst attempting to kill enemies and apostles is a shahid (martyr) and therefore goes straight to heaven.

Takfiris’ ideology esteems from splinter Wahhabism and Salafism that are mostly propagated by Saudi Arabia around the world. Wahhabism, Official religion in Saudi Arabia, lets its followers to declare any Muslim, who does not accept their distorted beliefs, as well as any non-Muslim an apostate and worthy to be killed

Most victims of Takfiri groups have been Muslims, as ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, Boko Haram and other Takfiris groups have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims whose beliefs were different from their superficial and dogmatic interpretation of Quran and Islam.

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