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Lady Khadija, the Best Other Half of Muhammad

Written by: Syeda Saira Bano

Islamic world is observing 10th of Ramazan ul Mubarak as the death anniversary of Lady Khadija (SA). Lady Khadija (SA) who was known as the “Lady of Arabia” and “Tahira” for her riches and piety, became the first ever female Muslim after the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) proclaimed his prophethood in Arabia. She belonged to a noble family; as her parents “Khawe’lad bin Asad” and “Fatima binte Zaida” were counted in reputable. “Waraqah bin Naufal”, her first cousin; was also famed for wisdom and knowledge. They were the followers of Deen e Ibrahimi. Thus Lady Khadija (SA) had a mixture of sagacity and insight in her blood. She became more matured when she took charge of her father’s business after his death and tried to deal with external affairs. This was a crucial time when she was in need of a hired man who could look after her business; so she chose Muhammad bin Abdullah for this purpose. The probity of Muhammad inspired her so much that she could not resist herself proposing him. After marriage, this high-born lady exhibited a quality behaviour as a wife, by expending her wealth for evolution of Islam. The exceptional role that she played for Islamic welfare, was to serve needy and orphans; and some of the Muslims who were boycotted by polytheists socially and economically in Mecca. She proved herself the best other half of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family).

Lady Khadija (SA) perceived all situations that Muhammad the prophet of Allah faced during the preaching of Islam. He was disgraced by his family and fellows for his teachings; but it was Lady Khadija (SA) who heartened and encouraged him at those very moments. How inspiring it seems when we get to know that Lady Khadija (SA) used to travel from Mecca to the Cave of Hira on her foot for providing food to her husband. She was the ideal wife of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) who did not marry any other woman until she died. He recalled her “One of the Best Women” and his most beloved wife as well. Once he said, “By Lord, she (Khadija) was such a gem that no one else can fill in her place; she accepted my teachings when many were not ready to do so; she endorsed my words when I was denied; she gifted me with her wealth when I was deprived; and she was the only one who became mother of my kids.” He also remembered her and his real uncle Abu Talib (AS) as his defenders. Sadly, these real defenders of Muhammad and Islam died in the same year i.e. 10th year after the proclamation of prophethood; Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) called it “the Year of Sorrow.”

Islam is blessed with notable ladies who are exemplary and role model to every woman such as Lady Khadija (SA). She was the combination of love, devotion and godliness. May Almighty rest her soul in peace.

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