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We’re live at the Lahore Literary Festival. Here’s what you need to know


LAHORE: (Web Desk) With the Lahore Literary Festival cut down to 1 day, it is a jam packed event!

Images has headed to Faletti’s Hotel to give you live updates of whats happening at LLF 2017.

11:50: Is that Michael Palin we see hanging outside?
We’re trying not to fangirl here!

11:15: Memorable quotes from ‘Wives, Daughters and Courtesans of the Raj’
This session is now being moderated by Anita Anand instead of Pippa Virdee.

Says, Katie Hickman, “There were women who took up trade, opened schools, had a wide range of opportunities. Some did go for husbands, often those who later left them.”

Alex Von points out, “It’s annoying sometimes that women are defined by their relationships only.”

Margaret MacMillan shares, “Even the most pure women were the most vulnerable.”

Katie adds, “High class courtesans, till late 18th century could present themselves as wives of men they had been involved with. Never possible in London. Had space for becoming someone new.”

Says Narmeen Sheikh, “There are always things that cannot be said in news.”

She adds, “We need to understand the role media plays determing the course of events and how we percieve and understand them”

Moderator Fasih Ahmed explains the severity of fake news, “Pakistan almost went to war with Israel because of fake news.”

Max Rodenbeck shares, “How do you control things in the media? You scramble them so no one knows what comes from where.”

He adds, “There is even a Modi app in order to learn more about his governance. He tweets. So Trump isn’t the only one.” Max explains, “In the world of social media, Things have been detextualized. Otherwise tabloids and yellow journalism has been around.”

On Twitter, Max says, “On Twitter there is also a great deal of debate… people also force politicians to answer on Twitter but the problem is you can ignore the stuff you don’t wanna hear… It’s become too easy to disseminate lies.”

Ahmed Rashid adds, “I refuse to tweet because your tweet can be distorted. But you as a journalist cannot clarify it’s presence… We don’t have press conferences with the prime minister, briefings of interpersonal nature have stopped for years… And no one can question a tweet.”

Max explains what to expect of fake news in the days to come. “Some of this will end up being self regulated and now Zuckerberg has initiated some policy to monitor fake news.”

10:48: we ran into Bilal Tanveer
He reveals his sessions got cancelled when they cut LLF shorter. Bummer!

10:35: A little roaming around
We saw our favourites at the LLF! Theres Waqas Naeem manning the Desi Writer’s Lounge!

And we also ran into Nuscie Jamil, one of the organizers of LLF!

10:00: Michael Palin is met with fans and talks satire
Says Palin, “Good satire finds its way through closed doors”

On Trump and his reaction to comedy and satire, Palin says, “As soon as you say it’s not funny, it’s funny.”

He points out, “I have to say satire has not suffered from Trump coming to office”

Courtesy: IMAGES

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