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Mob of ‘protesters’ lynch Iraqi teenager in gruesome crime

BAGHDAD: A group of “protesters” in Baghdad have, in an extremely brutal and shocking way, stabbed into death and cut the throat of a 16-year-old teenager before hanging him by his ankles.

The boy, identified as Haitham Ali Ismael, had been berating the protesters for three days for obstructing the street beside his house and making noise, but he had been largely ignored.

On Thursday, witnesses said, he climbed up onto the roof of his house and began shooting in the air with a pistol in order to shoo the protesters away from his family’s home.

That prompted a mob of protesters to barge into his small house at the edge of the Al Wathba Square where Haitham lived with his mother and stabbed him for 17 times.

Then they took him outside, pulled off his clothes, dragged him bleeding through the streets, hung him by his ankles from a traffic light pole and cut his throat.

Fadhil Muhammad, a tuk-tuk driver, says he “was standing there when they hung this young man by a rope and tied him to the pole and then the rope was cut and the victim’s head fell on screws on the ground in the street and they entered into his head.”

Then they threw the boy on the bed of a police pickup truck, Muhammad said, “and in front of the police they began to slash his neck.

In videos of the scene, Iraqi police officers can be seen hurrying through the square as if they were disturbed by what was going on but perhaps afraid to interfere.

Interior Ministry spokesman General Khalid al-Muhanna denied allegations on some Iraqi websites that the riot police had entered the boy’s house and perhaps participated in stabbing him, but he did not respond to criticism of the absence of any effort by police to stop the bloody free-for-all.

Alarm bells have started to ring for Iraq where a series of suspicious events have raised fears of the country slipping deeper into violence and chaos.

Analysts and officials believe the wave of recent unrest in Iraq stems from an “international and regional conspiracy” against the government and people in the Arab country, and that the violence and chaos is aimed at bringing the former dictatorship back to power.

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