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Report: 900 US Troops May Stay in Syria for New Mission

WASHINGTON: Around 900 US military servicemen may stay in Syria after President Donald Trump declared a complete pullout from the war-torn country, The New York Times reported, citing sources.
According to The NYT, as of this week, at least 500 of the original 1,000 servicemen in Syria have left, and the withdrawal will continue until roughly 250 troops are left, largely deployed to the Syrian Deir Ezzur province.

In addition, mechanized troops are soon expected to join the initial group, bringing the total number of troops for the alleged mission of guarding the oil fields to about 500.

The media outlet combined this figure with the US troops stationed in Washington-controlled zone around its unauthorized military base near al-Tanf in Homs province and revealed that the total number of US servicemen in Syria will amount to about 900.

Following the withdrawal of US forces from Northern Syria earlier this month, and the alleged killing of leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIl, ISIS or Daesh) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Saturday night, American forces in Syria apparently have a new mission to extend their presence in line with Washington’s alleged anti-terror campaign to allegedly protect the oil from militant attack which has yet to happen – while Washington had earlier announced that the ISIL is defeated and crushed.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has even threatened Syrian and Russian forces, stressing that the United States will repel any attempt to take oil fields away from Washington-backed militias with “overwhelming force”, whether the opponent is terrorist or even forces backed by Moscow and Damascus.

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