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Statement of Ahlulbayt World Assembly on threshold of international Jerusalem (Quds) Day 2018

The Assembly statement stated: we are approaching the last Friday of this holy month, which is named as the Jerusalem (Quds) Day by the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini (maythe blessings and mercy of God be upon him). Quds Day is a turning point in the history of Islam, which must be continued until the dawn of freedom for all Muslim nations, especially the oppressed nation of Palestine.All of us shouldvigilantly maintain our struggle and.

Solidarity to fulfil our duty in this day, and renew our allegiance to the noble cause of Palestine and The oppressed people in Gaza.Today, we are living in a very sensitive period of time when developments in Muslim World are taking place.The Zionist regime of Israel, backed by the Grand Satan of America and its insane President Trump, introduced the holy Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of its illegitimate government.This act was in fact a breach of UN Security.

Councilresolutions and international laws. Unfortunately some Arab reactionary states such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain treacherously and blindly supported this act of.The Zionist regime and the United States.The United Nations and the Security Council, which are expected to act as advocatesof the rights of all countries around the world, must condemn the US President’s action in violating international laws and treaties as well as the Zionist regime’s.

Crimes against people and innocent children. The UN and Security Council are also expected to take effective measures to put an end to the occupation of Palestinian capital by an illegitimate Zionist regime and its recognition by the US government. The UN and Security Council must also condemn.The brutal killing of Palestinians who have been demonstrating in defense of their homeland.We emphasize that the Zionist regime must be punished for this massacre,” it added.

The statement adds: “At this crucial time, the Ahlulbayt World Assembly declares that Quds is and shall be the permanent capital of Palestine. We condemn the illegal action of the United States and its President in moving the US embassy to Quds. We denounce the brutal murder of Palestinian men, women, and children who rose to defend their capital against the criminal Zionists.We urge all Muslims and.Free people all over the world, especially all followers of the Ahlulbayt and international jurists.

:1-To voice their protests on the International Quds Day this year, as in the past, with their widespread presence in rallies, and announce to the world that Imam Khomeini’s followers shall always be hostile to the oppressors and enemies of Islam, and will remain loyal supporters of Palestinians and other oppressed people in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, and other countries.

2-To strongly condemn the atrocious measures of Zionist regime and.The recognition of Quds as its capital, through signing petitions, delivering speeches, and staging demonstrations in front of Israeli embassies in different countries.

3-To publish articles in websites, news agencies, and social networks in order to elaborate and denounce religious and sectarian conflicts instigated by the United States, Israel, Saudi regime and their mercenaries as well as the ominous plots of arrogant powers and the Saudi-led ‘Arab NATO’ in Islamic countries.

4-To voice their strong protests against the barbaric crimes of Wahhabi Takfirists and terroristsfrom East to West.

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