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Syrian villagers protest against US forces, intercept convoy in Al-Hasakah

Damascus: Dozens of people in the U.S.-controlled village of Al-Karima demonstrated against the American presence in Al-Hasakah, local reports said on Tuesday.

“The residents of Al-Karima village, 15 km east of the town of Al-Qahtaniya in the northern countryside of Al-Hasakah, which is under the control of the American army and militias loyal to it, fended off a group of American armored vehicles while trying to enter the village, where they were struck them with stones and sticks and forced to withdraw,” a Sputnik Arabic correspondent said.

One of the villagers told Sputnik, that the U.S. forces purposely set fire to some communication wires to cause flames in the area.

“They burned our crops of wheat and barley yesterday and today they burn our fodder,” they continued.

“Then the villagers demonstrated despite the hot weather, and began throwing stones and sticks and chanting slogans and chants against the American occupation and other patriotic salutes to the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian leadership, which forced them to withdraw and leave the village.”

In parallel, the residents of Hamo village and the surrounding villages in the Al-Qamishli of northern Al-Hasakah on Tuesday, June 30, organized a gathering inside the village through which they demanded the immediate departure of the U.S. forces, and their categorical rejection of the unjust sanctions against the Syrian people, and they chanted slogans in support of the Syrian Army.

It is noteworthy that the residents of Hamo, Khirbet Amo and Buir Al-Bouassi villages in Qamishli countryside had a major role in the confrontations of the U.S. Army, which they confronted and prevented them from entering their villages.

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