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US magazine blasts US bid for ‘violent revolution’ in Iran

Washington’s bid to pressure Iran with sanctions has failed to achieve its objectives and has even backfired, US-based Foreign Policy (FP) magazine says.

Despite the US’ “enthusiasm” for recent violent riots in Iran as a “vindication” of the success of its “maximum pressure” campaign, Iran has responded in equal terms to counter Washington, the leading publication wrote.

“Iran has responded to the US administration’s maximum pressure campaign with a maximum pressure campaign of its own,” it said, citing Iran’s suspension of its nuclear commitments and the country’s growing regional and military strength.

Washington has sought sanctions to weaken Iran’s economy to an extent that may incite internal strife and topple the country’s government, despite the Trump administration’s “half-hearted” denial of seeking “regime change” in the country, FP wrote.

According to the magazine, certain voices in Washington have called “for what amounts to violent revolution” in Iran, with US President Donald Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly expressing support for violent rioters during recent economic protests in Iran.

FP wrote, however, that contrary to Washington’s thinking, violent protests in Iran will never achieve their objectives and rather “backfire” as Iran’s regional influence has in fact grown more assertive in the face of the US increased pressure.

The magazine cited Iran’s downing of an intruding American spy drone in June and its apprehension of a British oil tanker in July as instances disproving Washington’s wishful thinking of cowering Iran into submission through sanctions and pressure.

Tehran also suspended a number of its key commitments under the multilateral 2015 nuclear deal in response to the failure of the accord’s European signatories in upholding their commitments to Iran amid US attempts to sabotage the deal.

Washington withdrew and reimposed economic sanctions which had been lifted under the deal May last year.

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