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This woman shaved her head so she could donate her hair to cancer patients


We’ve all been there; when we go to the salon to get a trim, end up with 2-3 inches of our hair gone and come back home and bawl.

Well, prepare to feel really remorseful because Nida Hassan Fancy shaved her entire head for a good cause — to donate to ‘Hair To Help’ so they could make wigs for cancer patients.

“The reason why I donated my hair was to pass on the rainbow to someone who needs it more,” the mother of two shares with Images.

Props to Nida for doing something so selfless

Initially Nida thought that they won’t be able to use her hair because it had been chemically treated as she had dyed it multiple colours, but she says because so much time had passed since she had bleached her hair, the people at the charity organization told her they’ll be able to use it.

Wonder if people stare/ask questions?

She shares, “Of course. They stared even when I had rainbow hair! It’s never bothered me. We belong to a society where everything is seen as ‘different’; I’ve always been somewhat different in my attitude. Taught myself a long time ago how to be indifferent towards it. Everyone’s question so far is ‘will you go everywhere like this’?”

“Having shaved my head, I can empathise with those who do lose their hair because of chemo. They can’t stop and explain in public that they’re not mad to have a bald head but rather unwell. They resort to covering their head, wearing wigs. As much as I feel liberated after shedding the hair, I pray those battling cancer have one less worry: the fear of being judged on their appearance.”

If you’re thinking of donating your hair to the organization, you can reach them here.


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