4 Yemeni children killed by Saudi Coalition

TEHRAN: The explosion of a cluster bomb dropped by the Saudi-led coalition has killed four Yemeni children and injured two others.

The explosion of a cluster bomb in Ma’rib province of Yemen left several martyrs and wounded, Almasirah reported.

According to the report, a cluster bomb exploded in the village of Al-Hazm in the Harb al-Qaramish district of Ma’rib province, killing and wounding several people.

At least four Yemeni children were killed and two others were injured in this bombardment.

The Saudi coalition continues its aggression against Yemen and the bombing of various parts of it, have left many casualties among the country’s civilians.

So far, the international community has made no attempt to stop the war against Yemen; an issue that has drawn criticism from the Yemeni National Salvation Government.

Thousands of Yemenis have been killed so far as a result of the Saudi invasion, and according to the United Nations, the famine in the country has become the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the world.


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