Afghans mark the International Quds Day

Amin Alemi
Afghans encounter too many difficulties in their life. Rising insecurity, unemployment, instability and war have been pressing these people for the last 4 decades. But all these difficulties have failed to prompt Afghans to forget about the importance of the International Quds Day.

Many independent bodies such as Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council and the country’s Islamic brotherhood council have released separate statements on the occasion of the International Quds Day, emphasizing the spread of a global awareness about the miseries of Palestinian people.

The statements of Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council and the country’s Islamic brotherhood council highlight the importance of the liberation of the occupied Palestine as Islamic and humanitarian responsibilities of not only Afghans and Muslims around the globe, but also as a responsibility of all anti arrogance individuals.

In the meantime, religious beliefs of Afghans seem to be strong enough to help them not forget about the miseries of an important part of the Muslim world. That is why they continue to support Palestinians despite grappling with too many miseries and difficulties in their own country.

This year Afghans did not hold gatherings to mark the International Quds Day, mainly due to the fears of the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. The disease has halted other public gatherings such as Friday prayers too.

Source: Press Tv

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