Aleppo: Syrian Democratic Forces One Kilometer away from Manbij’s Center


TEHRAN: (Web Desk)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have significantly advanced against the ISIL and have now deployed only one kilometer away from the town’s center, Kurdish forces said.

“Battle between the SDF fighters and the ISIL terrorists is expected to become bloodier as hundreds of Takfiri militants are trapped in Central Manbij, while the SDF has positioned its fighter with only one kilometer distance from their positions,” the sources said.
In relevant developments on Wednesday, the SDF foiled an attempt by the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group to attack their military positions near the town of Manbij.

The ISIL tried to attack the SDF’s military positions by exploding three bomb-laden vehicles, but the SDF fighters prevented them from achieving their goal.

Meantime, heavy clashes broke out between the SDF and the ISIL in al-Hazavaneh region in Manbij city, al-Sabah square and al-Akrad regions.

The SDF fighters have taken control of many areas in Manbij, including al-Asadiyah, al-Boubaneh and al-Shariya regions.

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