Saudi-led coalition launched several strikes targeting the Ministry of Defense in Bab Al Yemen, the Spinning and Weaving Factory which has been used as a weapon storage in Shuoob area, and other military locations on Friday.

Local sources said that the strikes killed more than 6 people as they hit parts of the Old City of Sana’a, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tens of people were injured early morning and at least five houses were completely destroyed in Al Qassimi district in the Old City.

“My mother’s cousin Shawqy Abdulqader passed away this morning, their house fell on top of their heads, we can’t even imagine what they went through, he was a good man never held a gun, ” said Adnan Al Qasus.

Residents lived through a horrifying day, “ I slept and the house in front of us was there, woke up and the house was on the ground, after the strikes stopped we all ran out to see what happened , we tried our best to save people from under the ruble, but we only got dead bodies, it was terrifying,” said Mohammed one of the residents in Al Qassimi district.

UNESCO condemned the bombing of the Old city calling it one of the world’s oldest jewels”. UNESCO’s Director General Irina Bokova said, “I am profoundly distressed by the loss of human lives as well as by the damage inflicted on one of the world’s oldest jewels of Islamic urban landscape.”

Many historical sites in the country have been severely affected since the beginning of the conflict including, Seera Fort in Aden, Al Qahers Fort in Taiz, The National Museum in Dhamar, and the Dam of Marib.

the coalition spokesperson, General Ahmed Al Assiri denied bombing the Old City and said that they did not conduct any operations inside the city.

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