FM Qureshi challenges Indian PM to visit Muzaffarabad

ISLAMABAD: While addressing the attendees of a rally, taken out in Islamabad in solidarity with residents of occupied Kashmir, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi challenged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Muzaffarabad and to let Prime Minister Imran Khan visit Srinagar.

Addressing the Indian premier, he said: “If you have confidence in your actions then as foreign minister of Pakistan, I invite you to come and address the Kashmiris of Muzaffarabad. If you have courage and confidence in your policies, then allow PM Imran to visit Srinagar and see how he is welcomed.”

“The public’s referendum will be held today. This is my challenge to you. If you have courage, accept this. If you don’t have courage then review [your decision to annex occupied Jammu and Kashmir],” he added.

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