French Newspaper: Aggression Against Yemen Destroyed Saudi Arabia, Ended His Pharaonic Dream

The French newspaper “Le Pen” revealed Friday, that the reckless policies of the Saudi crown prince ended his pharaonic dreams, the most important of which is the city of NEOM , the futuristic mega-city in the middle of the desert, which will contain robots, flying cars and drones.

In an article by writer Armin Arifi, it said that the city of “NEOM ” was the huge dream of the Saudi crown prince, as he hoped to attract “the greatest talent in the world”, to make NEOM a new pole of technology.

Arifi pointed out that the Saudi government has supported its impulsive crown by everything in order to achieve this big dream, as it worked to displace more than 20 thousand Bedouins from the areas of Kariba.

But the writer questioned the possibility of achieving this dream showing reckless policies of the Saudi crown prince, headed by waging the Yemen war. He says, “The positions of the inexperienced Saudi crown prince led to the deportation of investors because of his excessive ambition with brutality, as Ibn Salman embroiled his country in an endless war in Yemen, causing the worst humanitarian crises in the world for Yemen and heavy financial burdens and losses for his country.

The writer mentioned that Bin Salman has arrested the former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in addition to the arrest of dozens of Saudi businessmen and members of the royal family in the “Ritz-Carlton” hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and getting involved In the killing of Khashoggi, which led to the intimidation of Saudi investors.

The author of the article considered that the project of NEOM city may be added soon to the list of long failures of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. The writer emphasized that Western investors will not now invest money in NEOM. “Without foreign funds, Ibn Salman’s dreams may turn into a nightmare.

“Initially, the West was dreaming of a revolution in the Arabian Peninsula through this young prince, when his father assumed the throne in January 2015,” but all of this faded due to his reckless policy.

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