Indian Army blocking Chinese military along border: report

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has told the Hindustan Times newspaper, in comments regarding the recent escalation along the disputed Sino-Indian border and reported fortification on both sides, that New Delhi is preventing Chinese troops from conducting patrols along the border area.On Tuesday, Indian media reported that New Delhi and Beijing had deployed additional troops to the border following two violent face-offs in early May, which left several soldiers injured on both sides.

In a comment to the newspaper, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused India of “obstructing normal patrols and operations of Chinese border troops.”The Indian Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the issue.The newspaper, citing sources, reported that while there were no fresh incidents, the situation was still tense. According to the Hindustan Times, China was first to increase the number of troops along the border.Ladakh, a region administered by India as a union territory and a part of Kashmir, has long been a subject of dispute between India, Pakistan and China.

Source: Sputnik


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