India’s FILMSAAZ to host two Iranian titles

TEHRAN: Two Iranian short films directed by Zivar Hojjati, namely ‘Feng Shui Upside Down’ and ‘Bullets of Baptism’ will take part in the 13th edition of FILMSAAZ Film Festival in India.‘Feng Shui Upside Down’ is a 15-minute film about a mother’s parenting style that leads to contradictory results.

‘Bullets of Baptism’ is a 12-minute film about the encounter of a human being with himself, which depicts the experimental narrative of this human being in various situations in the film. The film has no dialogue and is completely dependent on the image, with only one actor playing the role and the atmosphere of the film being mental and real.

FILMSAAZ is an International Film Festival of Short Films & Documentaries, which is one of the largest multi-disciplinary art & cultural festival in India dedicated to the exhibition of short films, documentaries, music, art & cultural advocacy panoramas. It began in 2008 by the University Film Club, Aligarh Muslim University. Until the fifth edition of the festival in 2012, it was a national-level competition, but beginning with the sixth edition in 2013, the festival was opened to international entries. Each year FilmSaaz receives hundreds of entries both, for Indian & World Premier, it exhibits numerous films made from around the world and India, specifically.

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