Iran Urges S. Korea to Repay Debts

TEHRAN: Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson warned South Korea that if it refuses to pay off its debts under the “inadmissible” pretext of obeying the US sanctions, Tehran will take other appropriate measures.
In remarks at a press conference on Monday, Seyed Abbas Mousavi said South Koreans have been explicitly informed that their excuses for refusing to settle the debts to Iran are unacceptable and not admissible in any court.

“South Korea does not have to comply with the US sanctions… We want them to clear their debts as soon as possible. If we see the openings (for settlement of debts) being closed, we will definitely put other measures on the agenda,” he added.

Iran is not hit by the UN sanctions, but a bullying country has imposed embargoes on Iran, the spokesman underlined, adding, “As an independent state, South Korea is not obligated to implement those (US) sanctions.”

In June, Hossein Tanhaee, the chairman of Iran and South Korea’s joint chamber of commerce told Borna news agency that Iran’s frozen assets in South Korea were between $6.5 billion and $9 billion.

Tanhaee added that not only Korean banks refuse to release Iran’s money, some of them have also demanded commission and maintenance fees for Iran’s accounts.

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