Is every good person suitable for management?

Before starting his Dars-Kharij-Fiqh (higher Islamic studies) lecture this morning, December 1, 2019, Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, elaborated on a tradition from the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in giving advice to the honourable Abu Dhar. In criticizing the hasty registration of some people for the Parliamentary (Islamic Consultative Assembly) elections, he stated, “Every position and every ability brings responsibility and commitment. You should see if you can fulfil that commitment, or not. This is a great lesson.” .
Abu Dhar (Peace Be Upon Him) said that the Prophet (May Allah Bless Him and His Household) told him, “I like for you, whatever I like for myself. I see you to be weak. Avoid being the leader for even two people, and avoid taking responsibility for an orphan’s wealth.”

Abu Dhar himself cites this advice from the Prophet (PBUH) to him. It is a lesson for us too, a great lesson. The Prophet told him, “I like for you whatever I like for myself.” This means that what I want to tell you comes from total love because one totally loves himself. So what does the Prophet want to tell Abu Dhar?I find you incompetent in management. You are a very good person, striving for the cause of God, forthright, and the most truthful person on earth. Despite all of this, you are a weak man.

Because you are a weak person, be careful not to be the leader of even two people! This means that the weakness that the Prophet mentioned is a weakness in management. Therefore, he is saying that you are a person who do not have the skill for management. If you are the leader of two or more people, you cannot guide them properly to success. This is a lesson for us. We – not all of us, but some of us – are like this. As soon as a position is vacant, or maybe vacant soon, we immediately look forward to getting that position! Well, you should first consider if you can perform its responsibilities well, or not. It is now the time for registering in the parliamentary elections. They have reported that it has started. Some people register without considering anything! You, who want to join the Parliament, should know that you will be asked what you did in that position (in the Hereafter). Alongside this ability, which God has given to me and you, there is a responsibility. This is also true about myself, more than anyone else. It is the same for you too and all those who take on a position. Every position, every job, every ability, has responsibility with it, a commitment. Can you carry out the responsibility, or not? This is a great lesson.

Do not take on the responsibility for an orphan’s money either. He doesn’t mean there is a possibility that, for example, he might steal the money of the orphan. Abu Dhar’s status is much higher than this. He is close to immaculateness, so he is not likely to do so. The reason he was told not to accept responsibility for an orphan’s wealth is that he cannot give the orphan’s right to him. Others may want to take it, and he is a weak person without the necessary forethought and ability. These are the prominent features of the Islamic system and the system of Islamic values. First, you and I are obliged to decide if we should take on this task, or not? Can we do it, or not? This is a very important matter.

Dec 1, 2019

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