Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut and Syrian-Lebanese border for 2nd time this week

BEIRUT:For the second time this week, the Israeli Air Force has been spotted flying over the city of Beirut, with reports of medium-altitude flights above the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital.

“The enemy Israeli warplanes, meanwhile, are flying in the sky over the capital, Beirut, in successive reconnaissance flights,” the National News Agency (NNA) of Lebanon reported this afternoon.

The agency said that “the hostile Israeli warplanes are also flying in the sky of Nabatieh and the villages and towns of Iqlim al-Tuffah at medium altitude.”

“Israeli warplanes overflew the Hasbaya, Arqoub, Jabal al-Sheikh, Shabaa Farms and the occupied Golan at low altitude.”Also, Israeli warplanes flew over villages and towns near Marjeyoun.

Earlier this week, the Israeli Air Force conducted nonstop flights over Lebanon, prompting the Lebanese government to issue a complaint to the UNIFIL forces inside the country.

Despite Lebanon’s complaints, however, the UNIFIL forces have been unable to halt the constant Israeli airspace violations.On Wednesday, an Israeli drone carried out an attack on a vehicle that was traveling along the Lebanese-Syrian border.While no one was hurt during the attack, reports said the vehicle was destroyed.


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