Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Normalization Encourages Zionists to Commit More Violation

SANA’A: Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms the Bahraini regime’s declaration of normalization deal with the Zionist entity.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that normalization with the Zionist enemy entity is a disregard of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and a betrayal of the martyrs that were killed in defense of the Palestinian cause.

The statement pointed out that normalization with the enemy entity will not contribute in achieving peace, on the contrary, it will encourage the Zionist entity to commit more violation against the rights of the Palestinian people.

The statement renewed confirming the position of the Republic of Yemen in rejecting all forms of normalization with the entity of the Zionist enemy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all Arab and Islamic countries and peoples to boycott the Israeli entity, and strongly denounce the Arab regimes that normalize with the Zionists.

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