A Pakistani who unveils solar-powered cars, ACs in Pakistan


LAHORE – There is no need to worry about refilling your vehicles with costly fuels, as a Pakistani, Aslam Azad unveiled a solar-powered motor car that can limit your travel expenses surprisingly.

Talking to Daily Pakistan, Azad said that shortage of energy in Pakistan led him to introduce a solar car, adding that he had been working on this project for seven years. He said that the car could cover a distance of 100 kilometers after charging it for an hour.

“I also put my designs of cars before the engineers in order to analyse them,” he said.

He said that different kinds of vehicles, including shuttle car, motor car and gold cart, have been manufactured so far, adding that currently one vehicle is being produced in a day. These vehicles can also be charged using electricity.


“We are going to install a plant that will increase the production to 100 vehicles in a day,” he stated.

Highlighting the qualities of solar vehicles, he said that solar panels installed on the roof and other parts of the vehicle cannot be stolen as these panels will get damaged after detaching them from the vehicle.

He said that solar air conditioners, refrigerators and other items were also being manufactured.

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