Palestinian factions condemn Bahrain-Israel deal

GAZA: Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have unanimously denounced a deal between Israel and Bahrain to normalize ties.

The deal comes after a similar deal between the UAE and Israel last month to establish normalized ties. In a presser in the Gaza Strip the Palestinian factions said normalization deals embolden Israel to press ahead with its aggression against the Palestinians.

Bahrain and Israel announced on Friday that they have agreed to establish diplomatic relations just weeks after the United Arab Emirates established a similar deal with Israel. This move was met with a huge refusal of Palestinians who believe that they have been betrayed from friends. As a way to express the Palestinian anger, Palestinians burned photos of Netanyahu and the Arab governs who normalized ties with Israel.

Palestinian factions said that the deals will only bring more tragedy for the Palestinians. While The US administration claims such relations will increase peace in the Middle East, Palestinian factions say they will keep the resistance against the Israeli violations.

The US administration claims that Arab relations with Israel will increase peace in the region. However, Palestinians say these are only attempts to demolish the Palestinian cause and call on Arab nations to stop the normalization of ties with Israel.

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