PUNJAB ‘Spurned’ girl attacks man with acid

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BAHAWALPUR: A man was injured on Friday when a girl attacked him with acid.

An Abadpur police spokesman said Muhammad Ali*, a resident of Garh Maan Singh, had proposed to 17-year-old Ayesha, a neighbour, but later broke off the engagement.

He said on Friday, Ayesha had thrown acid at Ali’s face. He said the man had been rushed to Sheikh Zayed Hospital where doctors said he had suffered 40 per cent burns.

Woman attacks man with acid for refusing her marriage proposal

The spokesman said a police team had recorded his statement. He said an FIR had not been registered because no formal complaint had been made.

He said Ayesha had told police in her statement that Ali had promised to marry her.

“He set the wedding date several times but would not see it through. Later, he told me that he did not want to marry me,” she told police.


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