Putin Says 40 Ships to Enter Service with Russian Navy This Year

TEHRAN: Some 40 new ships will be put into service with the Russian Navy in 2020, with the focus made on equipping it with unique hypersonic strike systems, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Main Navy Parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday.
“This year, forty ships and vessels of various classes will be put into service with [the Navy]. <…> Unique advantages and improving the Fleet’s combat capabilities will be achieved due to broad introduction of advanced digital technologies, the world’s unparalleled hypersonic strike systems, unmanned underwater vehicles and due to the most effective self-defense means,” Putin stated, according to TASS.

The president also noted that several days ago six new vessels of the far maritime zone had been laid down at three leading Russian shipyards.

He recalled that the Russian Navy includes vessels equipped with high-precision arms, strategic underwater cruisers and multirole submarines, as well as advanced jets and other aircraft, unique pieces of armaments and special equipment.

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