Qatar complains Gulf blockade threatens security and stability

BEIRUT: The State of Qatar has directed new criticism of the boycott campaign that its neighbors are waging against it, warning of the dangers it brings to the entire region.

This came in a statement sent by Qatar’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, to the UN Security Council, which held yesterday (Thursday) a virtual (remote) meeting on “protecting civilians during armed conflicts.”

The Qatari diplomat stated that the Council stressed the importance of conflict prevention, in the context of a commitment to collective action to spare people all over the world the suffering and destruction caused by conflicts, and to promote international peace and security, expressing “Doha’s regret that this approach was not taken into account in cases of many, while the campaign to boycott Qatar will enter its fourth year on the fifth of next June. ”

The diplomat described the campaign as “a siege imposed under false pretenses and without any concern for the disastrous consequences for the security and stability of the region, at a time when the Arab region is witnessing many crises and conflicts causing a tremendous amount of suffering.”

The Qatari statement accused the boycotting countries of “choosing a path that violates the provisions of international law and contradicts the orientations of the international community, instead of seeking to contribute to solving and settling these crises and their root causes.”

Source: RT

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