Rouhani, Putin underscore confrontation with US unilateralism

TEHRAN: In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Iranian President Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Putin underlined the significance of standing against the US unilateralism and development of mutual relations.

The two sides conferred on the need for further cooperation among Tehran, Moscow, and Ankara within the Astana summit’s framework to resolve the crisis in Syria, as well.

Rouhani and Putin also discussed joint efforts to combat the worldwide spread of the coronavirus disease and the necessity of mutual collaboration to beat the virus.

Rouhani emphasized the development of bilateral and balanced cooperation with Moscow at all political, economic, scientific and cultural levels, and expressed satisfaction with the consultations and negotiations between the officials of the two countries for the implementation and operation of the accorded bilateral agreements.

He also highlighted the importance to preserve and implement the JCPOA, as well as the need to resist unilateral steps and attempts by the US to extend the UN arms embargo against Iran that expires this fall.

Putin reiterated his country’s support for preserving Iran’s nuclear deal and the Islamic Republic’s stances in the international arena.

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