Russian missile cruiser heading to Syria: report

Damascus: The Russian missile cruiser, dubbed the ‘Moscow’, will be heading to the eastern Mediterranean by the end of next Summer, the Tass News Agency reported on Saturday.

“On April 20, this warship will enter the final stage of the repair process, and the technical readiness will be fully restored by July,” Tass quoted a source as saying.

“After that, the ship’s crew will undergo a training course in the Black Sea, and in August it should head on a long journey to the Mediterranean Sea,” they continued.

For its part, the leadership of the Russian Navy refused to comment on the above information.During the period from September 2015 to January 2016, the Moscow assumed the duties of the command ship in the Black Sea Fleet, and it led the Russian field naval group in the Mediterranean, and during that, the cruiser covered the Russian airbase in Syria “Hmeimim” with his air defense systems .


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