Sanctioned Syria releases first domestically-made ventilator

Damascus: The Syrian Chamber of Industry in Aleppo announced the production of a domestically-made respirator (ventilator) to help combat against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

During a press conference at the chamber’s headquarters in Aleppo, which was devoted to announcing the launch of the device under the name ‘Amal’, the head of the Federation of Chambers of Industry, Fares Shehabi, said that a medical and technical team supervised the implementation of the device and within 16 days it was accomplished.

Shehabi explained that the device is the beginning of “a scientific and charitable project that does not aim at material profit, but rather to encourage scientific research and link it to industrial development.”

He said that the project is an open initiative, and will not be monopolized, with the aim of tackling the coronavirus, “saying: “We consider it a nucleus for the localization of the medical device industry in our country. ”

Shehabi indicated that the device was produced “in light of the sanctions and blockades, and by relying on what is available on the market and from scratch.”

“The device will be handed over to the Ministry of Health for testing and approval, and in light of this, the Chamber will produce 10 other devices and donate them to the Ministry of Health, and then go to sell the product at cost,” Shehabi said.

He stated that Syria suffers from a shortage of ventilators and with the coronavirus pandemic affecting most of the world, it is important for the Arab Republic to prepare itself for an outbreak.

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