Saudi Arabia Evacuates Over Half of Rural Areas Along Border with Yemen

Saudi soldiers are seen at a military point on the border with Yemen. (File photo by AP)

The Riyadh government has evacuated 60 Percent of Villages along the kingdom’s border with Yemen at the order of senior Saudi officials, media reports said Saturday.
“More than 60 percent of Saudi Arabia’s villages located along Saudi Arabia-Yemen border have been evacuated by the kingdom’s border guards,” the Arabic-language al-Ahad news website reported.
Lieutenant Commander of al-Arezeh Border Guards in Jizan Province Ali al-Amri said that the evacuation of the villages took place at the order of senior Saudi officials.
He reiterated that the Saudi border guards are doing their best to facilitate the evacuation of citizens from border villages.
On Tuesday, the Yemeni Army and their popular allies captured a strategic point near Yemeni-Saudi border region after a fierce clash with the Saudi army and border guards.
Yemeni forces continue to penetrate into Saudi Arabia in response to Saudi aggression which has seen thousands of civilians killed by their airstrikes.
On Sunday, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit hard the gathering centers of the Saudi troops in Southern Saudi Arabia with Katyusha rockets, inflicting heavy losses on the Kingdom’s army.
“The Yemeni forces hit the gathering centers of the terrorists in al-Raheh village in Jizan province on Sunday morning,” the Arabic-language al-Massira new channel quoted a military source as saying.
The Saudi forces sustained heavy casualties in the Yemeni rocket attacks on their positions in Jizan province.

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