Turkish Media Reveal List of US Bases in Syria

ANKARA: (Web Desk) On Tuesday, July 18, Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu published an article revealing the active American bases and military points in northern Syria.

There are two air bases mentioned in the article – one is claimed to have been opened in October 2015 at Rmeilan airfield in Al-Hasakah province while the other in 2016 near Harab Isk village in southern Kobani in March 2016. The location of the two bases has already been known for a long time.

Anadolu also published the information on eight secret military points. With the reference to its correspondents, the agency said the U.S. had recently set up such a point in Tal Baydar district in Al-Hasakah province. According to the agency, about 100 U.S. Special Forces soldiers have been deployed there. Besides Tal Baydar, there are also two points – in Ash Shaddadi neighborhood and Tal Tamir.

AA mentioned another five U.S. military facilities in Syria – two in Manbij and three in Raqqa regions. French Special Forces are claimed to be deployed at the two Raqqa points.
According to Anadolu, the points are usually hidden and access to the areas where they are located is restricted.

The U.S. seems to intend to occupy northern Syria controlled by the Kurds. In its turn, Turkey is concerned about the growing influence of the Washington-backed YPG/PYD by the Syria-Turkey border and decided to launch a campaign against its NATO ally.

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