USAID: Stations of Aggressive Interference against Peoples of World

The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, revealed on Tuesday large quantities of US weapons seized during the recent campaign against the Saudi-mercenaries in Al-Baidha governorate.

This revelation came to expose the truth of this American agency, which many of the revolutionary forces, organizations, states, and parties opposing US policy in various parts of the world accused it of engaging in political, economic, social, cultural, and military sabotage in the interest of successive US administrations. It also came to prove again that this organization affiliated with the US State Department, which operates under its command and guidance in many countries of the world under the guise of providing humanitarian, development and relief services, to achieve criminal agendas, goals and political goals of the US government.

USAID has been one of the tools of successive US administrations, since US President John Kennedy founded it in 1961 to corrupt people and to help the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to organize military coups and bloodshed of innocent people to serve the strategic interests of the criminal American imperialism.

What is known about the US Agency for International Development is that it seeks to help people suffering from poverty and underdevelopment to improve their standard of living, recover from disasters, and live in free and democratic countries.

But what is hidden is even greater, the activity of this agency is devoted to serving the aggressive foreign policy of the United States of America in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia by helping to overthrow progressive regimes, organize military coups, engage in espionage activities and recruit agents. And recently, as Brigadier General Sare’e revealed in his press briefing, it has provided weapons to terrorists that Washington claims to be fighting with the aim of prolonging the war in Yemen and killing as many Yemenis as possible.

It is not new to this American agency, as it had previously thrown during the battles between the Syrian Arab Army and armed groups linked to al-Qaeda in earlier times, with food packages and supplies from the air to the members of those organizations to help them withstand and prevent their collapse. After the militants revealed these packages, which clearly showed the USAID’s logo, it claimed that this had happened in error and that the aid was directed at Syrian civilians, but lost its way and reached the terrorist militants.

According to Saad Al-Saidi, an Iraqi writer, the USAID has played a major sabotage role in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967 before US President Donald Trump ordered it to stop its activities there to pressure the Palestinians to accept the deal of the century. In this regard, Al-Saidi says that a large security role was being played by this agency to pass political liquidation projects for the Palestinian cause in the interest of US and Israel, explaining that while the agency was claiming that it was implementing development programs, it was carrying out hidden tasks.

It was a condition for the agency, before employing any Palestinian, that he should have a clear stance against the Palestinian resistance.Al-Saidi notes that the financing of projects that the USAID implemented in the Palestinian territories was sometimes linked to normalization steps, such as attending conferences and workshops in settlements or participating in normalization conferences with Israelis under the title of coexistence and peace.

What Brigadier General Sare’e revealed, confirms that what the USAID is doing in Yemen is a contribution to killing the Yemenis under misleading humanitarian labels and slogans, therefore, it must be said to this agency and to the American lending institutions and to the US, with the full mouth, go to hell.

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