‘We are here at the invitation of Assad, why are you here?’ – Russian soldiers confront US military in Syria: video

Russian armored vehicles managed to besiege an American military patrol in the Al-Hasakah countryside of northeastern Syria after a hot pursuit, while a Russian officer addressed the U.S. military regarding the legitimacy of the presence of both forces on Syrian soil.

The video shows how Russian armored vehicles surrounding the U.S. military vehicles, and also shows the panic and confusion of American soldiers and military personnel while the Russians came to them with the word “stop, don’t move.”

One of the Russian officers addressed a U.S. officer and said to him, “We are here on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic at the invitation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and you are on what basis here? You are occupiers.”

“He told the American to tell his generals that the Russians asked the patrol not to go after the them again,” the Russian officer said to the translator.


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