Yemeni protesters burn bin Zayed’s pictures, Israel’s flag in Aden

ADEN: Dozens of citizens demonstrated Saturday evening in the city of Aden, southern Yemen, to reject the normalization with the Israeli entity.

The demonstrators roamed the streets of Tawahi district in the city, denouncing the normalization of some Arab countries with the Zionist entity.

The participants in the demonstration burned pictures of leaders of the countries normalizing with the Israeli enemy, topped by the UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed, as well as the Zionist flag.

It is noteworthy that leaders of the UAE-bcked Southern Transitional Council (STC) tried to promote normalization with the Israeli entity in the occupied southern provinces. Hani Bin Buraik, Deputy President of the STC, had blessed the Emirati-Israeli normalization in the middle of last August.

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