Yemen’s authority changes name of ‘Zayed’ Street in Hodeidah to Palestine

SANA’A: Yemen’s Hodeidah province’s local authority decided on Saturday to change the name of Zayed Street in the city from to Palestine Street, in rejection of the UAE normalization with the Zionist enemy and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Governor of Hodeidah, Mohammed Ayyash Quhim, expressed his happiness during his field trip to change the street’s name.

“Neither Zayed nor Zayed’s sons are honored to us, and we will not be pleased with raising their names in the province after their crime against the nation and their normalization with the Zionist enemy and their aggression against the steadfast Yemeni people,” Quhim said.

The move was widely welcomed by the people in Hodeidah, who praised this step, which they considered a victory for the Palestinian cause.

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